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Shandong intends to levy sewage charges VOCs the use of economic levers to promote pollution reducti

作者:wuyanjie 人气:3109 发表时间:2016-06-12 11:06
To give full play to the price leverage to promote pollution reduction, and improve the ecological environment. Recently, the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau, the Financial Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau jointly issued a document, the decision on the part of the industry to collect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sewage charges.
Provincial Bureau of the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial Environmental Protection Office on the issue of volatile organic pollution charges and other issues related to the notice
Lu Fei Fei hair 47 2016
Municipal Price Bureau, Finance Bureau, environmental protection bureau:
To give full play to the regulating role of the price lever, promote pollution reduction and improvement of the ecological environment, according to the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of environmental protection "on the issuance of volatile organic compounds in sewage pilot fees notice" (Caishui [2015] No. 71) and the on the development of petroleum chemical industry and packaging and printing pilot industry volatile organic sewage charges levied standards related issues notice "(development and Reform (price 2015] No. 2185) requirements, decided to the industry collection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sewage charges. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
I. levy scope and standards. According to the industry pollution emissions accounting standards and supporting the development of the process, the province VOCs sewage charges pilot staged, and gradually improve the standard fees. Since June 1, 2016, the two major industries of the petrochemical and packaging printing VOCs sewage charges, charges 3 yuan / pollution equivalent, the specific scope of the collection, see annex. Since January 1, 2017, an increase in the scope of automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and aluminum industries, all of the fees charged to the standard 6 yuan / pollution equivalent. Since January 1, 2018, to further expand the scope of the collection, and gradually cover the VOCs emissions of key industries.
Two, uniform emissions accounting methods. VOCs of each discharge port are levied VOCs sewage charges, not subject to the restrictions imposed on the first 3 items of the pollutant discharge fee policy. VOCs in the benzene, toluene, xylene and other pollutants have been levied on the sewage charges, should be deducted from the amount of VOCs emissions. VOCs pollution equivalent value of 0.95 kg.
Petroleum chemical industry, packaging and printing industry VOCs emissions accounting methods in accordance with national regulations, in which the oil and chemical industry accounting period to the annual calculation, packaging and printing industry accounting period to the annual or quarterly calculation. VOCs emissions accounting methods in other industries by the provincial environmental protection department in accordance with the provisions of the state and the actual situation in our province to develop release.
Three, the implementation of differentiated sewage charges policy. According to the development and application of VOCs emission monitoring technology, the enterprise that can calculate the VOCs emissions based on the emission concentration and the total amount of emissions, the implementation of differentiated sewage charges policy. VOCs emission concentration is lower than the national or province regulations emission limits, third gear gradually reduce sewage charges. In countries or provisions in our province emissions limits 75-100% (inclusive), sewage charges levied by the above standard enterprise VOCs emission concentration values; VOCs emission concentration values in the country or the province provides emission limit values of 50-75% (inclusive), according to the standard of 75% levy; VOCs emission concentration values lower than national or provisions in our province emission limit value of 50% (including) the halved. Enterprise VOCs emission concentration is higher than the state or our province, the provisions of emission limits, or VOCs emissions than the provisions of the total amount of emissions targets, according to the provisions of our province levied standard plus one times the collection of sewage charges. Enterprise production process equipment or products belonging to the state provisions of the category, according to the provisions of the standard plus one times the collection of sewage charges.
Four, to strengthen the management of sewage charges levied. Prices, finance, environmental protection departments at all levels should cooperate closely, do a good job of the collection and management of sewage charges, and to do a good job in the publicity and interpretation. Environmental protection departments should strictly approved sewage charges, in accordance with the law, comprehensive and full levy; strictly implement differentiated sewage charging policy, promote each unit of pollution abatement. Charges for the use of printed by the Provincial Finance Bureau unified Shandong Province financial bills, by "Shandong Provincial non tax revenue collection and management of financial instruments system" collection, the implementation of the "two lines of revenue and expenditure" management, full payment into the Treasury, and strictly enforce the system of public charge, and consciously accept the supervision of the price, Department of Finance and the social.

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