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Present situation of development of instrument industry

作者:wuyanjie 人气:3243 发表时间:2015-04-07 18:04
With the development of the society and the market demand, the instrument industry has entered a new period, the country has also been listed as an important industry of social development. With the global standard of environmental protection, low carbon, green, raise and instrumentation industry toward the development of these standards, we have to do is to protect the industry in the existing market mechanism in the healthy and orderly development.
Instrumentation industry is the source of many other industry innovation and development. However, our instrumentation industry phase compared to the level of international development still a big gap, it is necessary to. We should intensify efforts in the development of the industry. In fact in recent years, our country in the instrumentation industry development is very fast, especially on instrumentation development of emerging industries, produced a great impact, and play a great role in promoting. At the same time, the development of our country's intelligent speed is also fast, these technologies continue to assist the instrumentation industry to the high-end manufacturing industry transformation. While the development of the instrument industry is also promoting the development of these new industries, which will form a virtuous circle, so that all sectors have been rapid development.

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