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Poison track how much poison? Where did the poison come from?

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4298 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
Runway is generally plastic runway. Plastic runway is a combination of more than ten kinds of materials, polyurethane products, divided into breathable type, mixed type. In addition, there is a prefabricated rubber runway, in order to form a coil of the site survey, is different from the polyurethane plastic runway in the field of construction methods.
Polyurethane TDI and MDI, which TDI Polyurethane volatile greatly, it is pungent taste and considerable toxicity and the source of its taste is mainly unreacted completely polyurethane monomer, which some components belonging to the public security departments to control. People chronically exposed to appear bosom frowsty, collapse, sneezing and other symptoms, and even bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and other diseases. The toxicity of MDI is less than TDI, and the pre polymer synthesized by MDI instead of TDI can effectively reduce the content of free TDI. But MDI type polyurethane in recent years has gradually been used by some manufacturers, the majority of domestic manufacturers have not fully mastered the MDI ratio of technology.
In addition, in the mixing of raw materials of plastic runway, will join the a called plasticizer plasticizer material will reduce viscosity of track laying, more convenient for laying. The most commonly used is a called adjacent benzene two carbamate compounds. Two phthalate esters are widely used because of their technical properties, functional diversity and high efficiency.
Expert introduction, poison runway has three major toxic pollution sources: plastic runway use solvent will be volatile toluene, xylene; poor quality plastic runway contain heavy metals agent of lead salt drier; hazards is the largest runway in containing the toxic plasticizers.

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