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Playing with the fire extinguisher 14 years old boy was killed

作者:wuyanjie 人气:2960 发表时间:2016-06-12 11:06
 June 7, 2016 report, 4, Harbin, a 14 year old boy found an abandoned fire extinguisher near his home, picked up the play, the results of the explosion, the boy died.
The deceased was a 14 year old high school student, the weekend holiday at home near the time, to see the roadside there is a fire extinguisher, began to play with, not expected to suddenly a gas jet, and then exploded. Lee continued to quote nearby residents said the fire extinguisher is a child in the vicinity of the pick up, put on the roadside for a long time.
Young aunt Ms. Zhou said at the scene was killed like too horrible to look at the young, she did not dare to look at. Their family economic environment is not very good, parents are working, have 3 women 1 sons, the son is the family of the smallest. When the boy came out to play, her sister then followed, not expected to only 10 minutes before and after the tragedy, the tragedy happened
According to fire description, the fire extinguisher is in the two limit conditions can reach its tipping point, one is very cold, one is very very hot. It is possible that the abandoned fire extinguisher is exposed to the sun and the air pressure suddenly rises. The fire extinguisher has been rusting, wall thinning, so its explosion point is concentrated in the mouth out.

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