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Market demand analysis of gas detection industry

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4201 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
As an important branch of instrumentation, gas detection equipment (also known as gas detector ") application widely, covering the petroleum chemical industry, industrial production, smelting and forging, electric power, coal, tunnel engineering, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, biological pharmacy, Wen Shipei planting, warehousing, logistics, fire, gas and other industries. Usually, monitoring of industrial process gas analysis instrument division analysis instrument field, the common gas detection instrumentation usually miniaturized, portable or fixed, work independently or connected to the main network, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, semi conducting body processing, spraying, packaging and other industrial site and home, shopping malls, liquefied petroleum gas stations, gas stations, gas stations and other civil / commercial need to fire and explosion, poisoning prevention, air pollution, and agricultural greenhouse gas detection, gas analysis and methane safety monitoring and environmental protection should hurry so, terrorist attacks, storage and transportation of dangerous goods such as.
The progress of science and technology have provided the conditions for the development of gas detection instrumentation industry, market and government policy promotion, people's safety consciousness enhancement, correlation laws and regulations perfect is the core power of the gas detection industry development, push the gas detection instrumentation industry is in a period of rapid growth of industry.
From the point of view of technology development, according to the use of sensor principle, common gas detection instruments have their own application of gas and application field, new technology and new products is becoming the mainstream of future gas detection instrumentation.
Future period of time, the use of semiconductor and catalytic principle of gas detection instruments and meters rely on the price advantage will still occupy some of the low-end market. Electrochemical sensors and testing instruments, in the high accuracy of the low concentration of toxic gases, organic vapors, alcohol gas, oxygen monitoring in the field of comprehensive advantages. Infrared gas sensor and instrument used to monitor various inflammable and explosive, carbon dioxide gas, with high precision, good selectivity, high reliability, poisoning, does not depend on oxygen, environmental interference factors is small, long life and other advantages. These advantages will lead to electrochemical, infrared principle of gas detection equipment to occupy a wider range of high-end market, and in the future gradually become the mainstream of the market. According to incomplete statistics, forecasts, the next few years, the domestic each year the industry using infrared principle of gas detection instruments demand will reach 170 million units (sets), the market capacity is about 6.8 billion yuan; using electrochemical principle of gas detection instrumentation demand will reach 400 million units (sets), market capacity is about 56 billion yuan, has broad prospects, rapid growth.
At present, China's economy is in a period of rapid growth, the national security and environmental protection of high attention, the relevant policies and regulations have been introduced, which greatly stimulated the rapid expansion of the market capacity of the gas instrument and meter industry.

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