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Jie Ling 84 disinfection solution, may be fatal

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4457 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
Recently, a toilet Ling to join the 84 disinfection solution causing human life, the news caused a hot friends. Experts said, Jie Ling and 84 disinfectant mixture will produce toxic gas, both can not be used together, in fact, many acidic products are likely to react with the 84 disinfectant, produce toxic gases.
Experts, Jie Ling and 84 disinfectant mixture will immediately produce a violent chemical reaction and the formation of chlorine. Chlorine is a toxic gas. It is mainly through respiratory tract enters the human body, causing damage to the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, that the respiratory tract mucosa edema, causing difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and diarrhea, serious will pulmonary edema, and even death.
Eye free gas detector experts said: 1 liters of air can be allowed to contain 1 mg of chlorine, more than this amount will cause the human body poisoning. And the toilet space is small, under the premise of poor ventilation, it is easy to fatal. Non vision gas detector to remind the public that the best time to clean the daily use of a cleaning agent, and pay attention to maintain ventilation.

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