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How to use the gas stove correctly?

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4298 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
Leakage to the correct approach should be: first put an end to all the kindling, and then wet towel quickly close the pipeline valves, open the doors and windows with hand fans and other items accelerated discharge of gas in the kitchen.
The timely replacement of the rubber tube
The use of gas to pay attention to the timely replacement of rubber tube, it is best to use the bellows. In addition, the connection pipe (cylinder) and stove hose replaced every 18 months, the state service life of not more than two years. By avoiding the use of hose aging, rat bite caused by security risks; using corrugated pipe should pay attention to prohibit the use of corrosive detergent; when the gas stove is not used for a long time, gas table before the valve closed, cutting off the gas source switch; use pay attention to ventilation, maintain indoor air circulation; to buy with stoves flameout protection device, to avoid the overflow of food boiling, pour to extinguish the fire caused gas leak.
Soap water can be a preliminary test pipeline leak
Gas appliances next to never place flammable items, so as not to cause a fire; never in gas pipelines and facilities suspended debris, grease and dirt, keep long in stock for a long time, easy to catch fire. After use should often be clean, always check hoses, bellows and pipe interface is aging, damage, can be used with soap water, painted on the interface to observe whether bubble, prohibited the use of fire inspection.
Non switch electric appliance for gas leakage
When you smell the smell of a gas leak, remember that the key to keeping your family safe is not to switch on the lights and other electrical appliances. The coal gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas explosion concentration limit value is only 4% to 5% or so, the minimum detonation current is less than 70 ma. That is to say, as long as there are 4% to 5% of these combustible gases in the air, and encountered less than 70 Ma of current, you can cause combustion. Moreover, the electric spark energy of the 40 Watt light switch contacts can reach 182 ma.
Therefore, with the air mixture to reach a certain concentration of gas, very easy to be electric light switch off the electric shock. In view of this, in knowing that the gas leakage or suddenly smell of gas smell, feel in the kitchen gas is leaking, do not switch lights, appliances or at the scene playing mobile phone alarm or allocated to the family, to prevent static electricity generated by the friction strip must be in the air circulation to confirm the safety of only can be opened and closed the light switch and other electrical equipment.

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