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Gas detector why should always test and calibration

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4198 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
No matter what principle is used to detect the gas detector, are used to detect the relative comparison method. When the gas detector working time long after, by the instrument itself loss sensor, using environment or the interference of other gases, and its accuracy is bound to decline, at this time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the gas detector, gas detector on the test and calibration is very necessary.
Let us first to review what is the testing and calibration of gas detector: first with a zero gas and a standard gas calibration of the instrument, standard curve of instruments will be stored, in the gas detector when the measured work environment, the instrument will will detect the measured gas concentration signal and calibration of the storage of standard curve were compared, and then through the calculated concentration of the gas measured value.
Gas detector why should always test and calibration
Gas detector, the sensor has many kinds, and the detection of different gases, the sensors used are different, although our gas detection instrument can replace the sensor, however, is not to say that our instruments can be readily equipped with different probes. So, when we replace the sensor for the customer's gas detector, in addition to the new sensor activation time must be, this time we will replace the sensor instrument calibration.
It must be emphasized that, no matter what type of sensor gas detector, the customer must be calibrated according to our recommendations, to ensure the accuracy of the instrument's normal work and results. Gas detector is required before each work, no vision technology production of various models of gas detector has the function of automatic calibration to zero. This function can prevent the customer before use to forget to return to zero and cause measurement error. However, it should be noted that this automatic calibration function is zero automatically run, if the boot location is not appropriate, it may be more than a little less than the harm. For example, when we started filming in a place of ammonia, gas detector in this environment auto zero, then this gas detector zero is actually the environment under the concentration of ammonia, then in the next the error of the test results will be over the scope of subject, the detection results are meaningless. Therefore, if the gas detector to use automatic calibration function, it must be in the normal environment, to ensure the accuracy of the next instrument detection.

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