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Children's room decoration do not sloppy, beware of formaldehyde pollution caused by childhood leuke

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4576 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
Decoration formaldehyde pollution is the child harm biggest, five months of this year, Nanchang kindergarten happened formaldehyde poisoning, the most serious cause sepsis, August kindergarten of Hainan, have also taken place in formaldehyde poisoning incident, Wuhan children's hospital data: 90% of childhood leukaemia disease suffering from half a year ago are renovated.
Wuhan environmental science and technology has organized the investigation of indoor environmental pollution of children's room activities. Has accepted the detection of 30 families of children in the room air quality report of the results of the test expert scared, this 30 families of children in the room formaldehyde content all exceeded, up to a maximum of nearly 7 times.
All of these 30 families for a year on the children's room decoration. The results of the first batch of test data is not optimistic, 100% of the children's room to be tested in the presence of different levels of pollution. Among them, one of the highest concentration of formaldehyde detection value exceeds the national standard of nearly 7 times. Children living in this room, will feel sour pungent, watery eyes. A minimum of 1 times the standard, the detection of 2.5 times the average exceeded the national standard. 30 children's room exceeded the rate of 100%.
According to reports: every year in our country has 210 million children died and decoration pollution, formaldehyde can lead to blood diseases of children, if the circumstances are serious performance for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the onset of asthma in children caused by and formaldehyde on children's physical and mental development caused great harm. Pregnant women in the long run, the formaldehyde environment will on neonatal birth weight influence, resulting in low birth weight infants and significantly shorten the cycle pregnancy, many pregnant women make the mistake of the formaldehyde poisoning of the oppressed, nausea and dizziness, and will be accompanied by frequent colds as pregnancy reaction, the cause of body and fetal adverse effects.
Nine percent of the interior decoration will bring formaldehyde pollution, children most of the time spent indoors because of respiratory volume than the adult higher than 1 times, and children itself is poorer than in adult immunity, which determines the children bear the brunt of the first victims of indoor formaldehyde standard, in the presence of formaldehyde, children always "vulnerable groups", need adult care according to the relevant information.
Indoor pollution on children's health damage mainly include five aspects: 1. Induced children's blood diseases; 2. Increase the incidence of asthma in children; 3. Cause neonatal congenital anomalies. Cause heart disease of the newborn; 5. The children's intelligence is greatly reduced.
5 measures of children's room environment pollution:
1 children's room decoration to ensure that science, environmental protection, no pollution. Special attention should be given to not to fight, carpet shop, not the ceiling, using less colored paints and coatings.
2. Children room furniture selection should pay attention to: in accordance with the national standards for the selection. At the same time, pay attention to the furniture, the room size should not exceed 50% of the; wood-based panel furniture notice strict sealing side and all with a double-sided board; children's clothing put in new furniture inside to be closed packaging.
3 pay attention to the ventilation of the children's room. In order to ensure the safety of ventilation, there should be installed on the rotary ventilation device windows, ventilation is not a good room should be installed fresh air ventilation device. Every day should ensure that sooner or later ventilation, every time should be more than half an hour.
4 pay attention to the prevention of formaldehyde pollution in children's articles and clothing. Such as room curtains, new clothes, cloth art furniture, cloth toys, etc..
5 do a good job in the prevention and treatment of indoor environmental pollution, the newly renovated children's room should be ventilated and purification, according to different seasons, the general should be ventilated for 15 to 30 days. Should be in accordance with national standards for testing qualified to stay, indoor environmental purification treatment must listen to the views of experts, select the qualified purification treatment products, to prevent the two pollution.

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