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Beware of fatal explosions from home gas

作者:wuyanjie 人气:4250 发表时间:2016-06-25 10:06
Natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas and other combustible gas has gradually entered the household. Gas brings us convenience, health, environmental protection at the same time, but also to the family to bring the danger. Such as the daily use of gas leakage will cause fire, explosion, poisoning. In particular, canned gas cylinders, if not required for storage, use, maintenance and management, once the explosion of its destructive power is no less than a heavy bomb.
Main safety issues using gas:
, better quality tube furnace, or bathing device connection, both ends of the joint tied to, always check hose oil metamorphism, found that aging timely replacement.
Two, the gas after use, not close the stove or bath device even if done, must take the total valve shut.
Three, go out especially the journey must be carefully checked, turn off the gas valve.
Four, often with soap and water check valve, hose, stove connection is leaking.
Five, liquefied gas cylinders placed to stay away from the fire, do not put the residual liquid in the liquefied gas cylinders at random into the sewer.
Six, in the event of a gas leak, do not panic. It is prohibited to turn on the lights, open exhaust fan, do not use mobile phones, flashlights, don't let the black metal collision sparks, but can not use open flame. The correct choice is to turn off the gas valve, open the windows of natural wind.
How to find a gas leak? One is to listen to the sound, the two is to smell the smell.
No vision technology to remind, if residents found a gas leak to immediately cut off the gas source, close the valves of gas pipelines and gas appliance. Quickly open the doors and windows, to ensure air circulation, the leakage of gas exhausted to the outside, to the outdoor phone repair and evacuation. Public places found gas leak, immediately call to repair and evacuation. When the gas leak, it is strictly prohibited to open the power switch, such as lights, turn off the lights, the use of fire, never use indoor telephone or mobile phone, especially to resolutely prohibit the use of exhaust fan, electric fan exhaust; such as the discovery of the neighbor in gas leakage, the door should be informed, never use the doorbell, etc. all kinds of electric facilities. Or the installation of non vision technology of combustible gas detector, if the gas leak will be timely alarm reminder. Determine your security.

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