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Fixed carbon monoxide gas detection alarm
Fixed carbon monoxide gas detection alarm
Product Name: fixed carbon monoxide gas detection alarm
Product model: ES10B11-CO
Product description:
ES10B fixed gas detection instrument is no vision technology based on ES10A to create one of the new gas detector, using imported sensor and a new 32 bit low-power processor; the dashboard display interface, and the numerical progress bar shows at the same time, beautiful appearance; circuit adopts 4 layer wiring, the weak signal and stronger anti-interference high precision; independent import 16 bit AD chip and signal processing algorithm, the measurement data accuracy is higher and more stable; 4~20mA, RS485, 200~1000HZ multiple output signal can be selected, convenient access, PLC, alarm controller DCS control system; explosion-proof structure design can be applied to various industrial dangerous places; products are widely used in metallurgy petroleum, petrochemical, municipal, chemical and other industries.
Product features:
The imported high performance sensor, long service life;
The independent 16 bit AD chip, 4 layer circuit board design, the stronger the weak signal and anti-jamming ability;
The dashboard display interface design, beautiful reading, humanized design details;
The white, orange, red tricolor backlight design, normal alarm, status indication, stick out a mile;
The mg/m3, ppm, VOL, LEL various units can choose;
- equipped with embedded 32 bit ultra low power processor, with a unique signal processing algorithm, fast response speed, high measuring precision, stability and repeatability.
The anti automatic protection function of impact of high concentration of gas, can restore the factory settings, to prevent misoperation;
The instrument configuration of infrared remote control, the remote control operation, without opening the cover, simple and convenient;
The third line of 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, 200~1000HZ signal output optional, relay output, data recovery, data storage and other functions.
The two cable inlet, convenient installation;
The independent air chamber structure, sensor replacement is convenient, without calibration;
] first-class mechanical design, the air chamber by military quality of high strength aluminum, resistant to wear and rot turbidity, suitable for harsh industrial environment, scientific and reasonable gas chamber is designed to ensure the accuracy of the sensor for real-time monitoring of;
Exd II CT6 - the level of explosion-proof, explosion-proof electrical national inspection center certification.
Technical index:
Detecting gas:
Carbon monoxide CO
Detection principle:
Electrochemistry principle
Detection method:
Fixed line type long-term continuous detection, the detection method of diffusion;
Fixed continuous online detection, through the external circulation pump, the suction pump (pump test optional);
Measurement range:
0-20ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 200ppm, 500ppm, 1000ppm, 2000ppm, 5000ppm, 10000ppm, 50000ppm
50 mg/m3, 100 mg/m3, 500 mg/m3, 1000 mg/m3, 1500 mg/m3, 2000 mg/m3, 5000 mg/m3, 10000 mg/m3
(optional, not listed in the range can be customized)
Differentiation rate:
0.01ppm, 0.1ppm, 1ppm 0.01 mg/m3, 0.1 mg/m3, 1 mg/m3
Less than 3% (the actual concentration, higher precision according to the requirements of sensor performance)
Operation mode:
Remote operation, convenient setting for infrared remote control
Heavy and complex:
Less than 1%
Zero drift:
Less than 1% (F.S/)
Response time:
Less than 20 seconds (T90)
Recovery time:
Less than 20 seconds
Explosion proof mark:
II CT6 Exd
Protection level:
Output signal:
Users can according to the actual situation of the environment needs and set, the most far transmission 2000 meters (single core 1mm2 shielded cable)
Three wire system 4-20mA current signal output, can connect to the alarm controller, DCS, PLC and other control systems (standard configuration)
Digital signal RS-485 output, RTU ModBus communication protocol (optional)
Frequency signal 200~1000Hz output (optional function)
Two sets of relay outputs: 0.5A 220VAC or 0.5A 5VDC
Through the wireless module function can realize the remote transmission and state alarm (optional function) of the detection data, and can realize the access of Ethernet.
Main body material:
Shell: ADC12 aluminum alloy, hard, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant (optional with 316 stainless steel case)
Air chamber: high strength wear resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum profile, durable (optional with 316 stainless steel gas chamber)
Installation method:
The pipeline wall integral (pipe thread specification: M45X1.5mm, optional screw joint pipe adapter, welding)
Working temperature:
-30 (+60) is required to be customized.
Working humidity:
Less than 95%RH, no condensation (humidity >90%RH, condensation can be matched filter)
Relative humidity:
10% ~ 95%RH
Power supply:
24VDC (normal operating voltage range of 12 ~ 30VDC)
Power consumption:
Working pressure:
Less than 200Kpa
210mm*140mm*92mm (height * width * thickness)
About 1.6Kg
Execution standard:
GB15322.1-2003, GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.4-2010, GB3836.2-2010
Quality assurance:
One year warranty period, the warranty period free maintenance.